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Following on from my 4 part blog series on creating, scheduling and outsourcing creation of ‘quote images’, this blog post features a new online tool I have found or maybe I shoud say, found me!!!

I’m a big fan of Social Media, I love how Social Media makes vast amounts of information hugely accessible to anyone with an internet connection, I love how it makes that information so easy to share and I love how Social Media enables us to make global connections on a personal and professional level with people who share common interests with us.


Social Media

One of these connections was made a few weeks ago when Sylvester Jainaiz (Community Outreach Specialist for Canva) contacted me.

Sylvester had seen my blog post on scheduling inspirational quotes and suggested I try Canva to create these inspirational ‘quote images’.

And so I signed up to Canva and began exploring the possibilities it offered.

As outlined in their design material,

Canva is an online design platform that makes it easy for everybody to create beautiful graphics. You can design almost anything in Canva: from Social Media graphics to posters and business cards to presentations’.

Sylvester described Canva to me as ‘a highly collaborative, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely free to use. It’s own library is home to thousands of professionally designed social media templates (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and so much more) and visually-appealing graphics that can greatly boost your brand and effectively engage your audience’.

Sounds fabulous!!!



I’m sure Canva can do magical things with design as reported by the numerous mails I continue to receive jam packed with information on Canva’s capabilities since I signed up to Canva‘s newsletter. For the purpose of this blog post, I will focus on using Canva to create ‘quote images’ which is what I am using Canva for presently. I’m sure in the future I will find many more uses for this super website.

If you have read my blog series on creating, scheduling and outsourcing creation of ‘quote images’ you will know I currently use to create ‘quote images’.

Canva takes creating ‘quote images’ to another level!

There are so many image templates to choose from and as many options again for fonts types and font colours. The image templates available are all extremely professional looking and feel like they were created specifically with quotes in mind! And most of them are totally free to use!


Travel (2)

Creating the ‘quote images’ is super easy and efficient, they can be downloaded for use or shared directly to FaceBook and Twitter.

If you like design and are looking for a new tool to use I highly recommend Canva.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Canva and sharing these learnings with you.

Do you use Canva? If so I’d love to hear from you in the comments below,

Safe Travels,


x x x

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2 years ago I wrote a blog post on Gratitude.
Gratitude for the good fortune I had been blessed with, gratitude for purpose in my life, gratitude for my love of travel and photography and the amazing opportunities it was affording me.
In the 2 years since I wrote that post I have learned that having gratitude for the challenging times in life is just as important as having gratitude for the happy times.

Each challenging time leaves us better than it found us.
It is through these times that we grow and learn life’s lessons that serve us well for the challenging and happy times ahead.
Do we like challenging times? Possibly not.
Could we do without them? Possibly.
Would we then grow? Possibly not.
As I type this blog post I’m grateful for all the challenging times that made me who I am today.
I’m grateful to everyone who deceived me as you gave me strength to leave unhealthy situations and made me more aware that unfortunately not everyone is sincere and genuine.
I’m grateful to anyone who stood in the way of my dreams (that should possibly be tried to stand in the way!), you taught me that there are many paths to fulfilling your dreams. I’m ok with whatever route is required. As one of my favourite Chinese proverbs says ‘The journey is the reward’!!
I’m grateful to everyone who told me ‘you can’t’, ‘you won’t’, ‘it’s not possible’ ‘you will fail’- you taught me to believe in myself and my place in this world, you taught me to find the strength to believe I can, I will, everything is possible and yes I fail but I bounce back as quick as I fail which brings me to another of my favourite Chinese proverbs ‘Down seven times, up eight times’.
I’m grateful to everyone who tried to change me, show me a different way, guide me down a different path, you helped me learn I am perfect just the way I am and I am well capable of choosing my own path thanks very much!
I’m grateful to everyone who treated me unfairly and criticised me- you instilled in me a resilience that knows no boundaries. This resilience has stood to me in my personal and professional life and helped to ensure I always stuck up for myself, my beliefs and my values even when that made me unpopular. I’d rather be disliked for being myself than be liked for being somebody I am not.
Online trolls who have nothing better to do than criticise and judge. I’m not hugely grateful for you but I’ll mention you nonetheless – you have taught me how to be patient and with some self restraint helped me see the wisdom in the Dalai Lama’s words ‘An eye for an eye and we are both blind’!
I’m grateful to everyone in my life who would never, not in a million years, treat me in any of the ways above, my soulmate, my treasured family, my incredible friends and colleagues, you are all 100% AMAZING!!!!!
I’m grateful to mentors who have helped me see the wood from the trees in difficult times and continue to fill my life with their wisdom,  Eckhart TolleDeepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Robin Sharma  and Brendon Burchard among many others.
What are you grateful for today?
Safe Travels,
x x x

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When your customers find your Facebook page the first thing they are drawn to will be your FaceBook Header.

And so it has never been more important to have an eye catching header that tells your story in a few seconds as that is about how long it will take your customers to scan your page and decide if they want to connect with you or not.


Blog 1

The below 10 steps will guide you through how to create your own customised FaceBook header with the message you want your customers and friends to receive when they land on your homepage

As outlined in my previous 4 part blog series the websites I use for creating customised FaceBook headers is

Make sure you consult ‘Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines’ for their guidelines on FaceBook covers if you are using a customised header for your business page.


1. When you go to the homepage – click on ‘Create Quotes Pic’ or ‘Click here to create quote’

2. On the right hand side of the next page you will see ‘Custom Quote’ – use ‘Insert Wording’ to enter your wording and use ‘Author Name’ to enter anything else e.g #MyFabBusiness, @Twitter Handle etc

3. Click ‘Next Step’


Twitter 2


4. The next page will show you your wording and a list of tools to use – click ‘FaceBook Cover’ to create your customised facebook cover

5. The next page will display your ‘Customised FaceBook header’ – hide the quotation mark and time and date if you need to by clicking on ‘hide quotation mark’ and ‘hide time and date’

6. Font can be changed by clicking on ‘next font’ on the right hand side of the quote – there are many many fonts to choose from


Blog 2


7. Colours (background colour and font colour) can also be changed by clicking on ‘next colour’ on the right hand side of the quote  – there are many many colours to choose from

8. Your ‘Customised FaceBook header’ image quote is now ready to save


Blog 3


9. To save your image, click on save as JPG or PNG  – your customised FaceBook header is now ready to WOW your friends and customers with!!

10. Need another one…….Click on ‘Select Wording’ or ‘Create Quotes Pic’ at the top of the page to return to the page on step 2 above and repeat the following steps – The headers are completed one by one – (if you can find a faster way to do this please let me know!)


The above website can also be used to create beautiful quote images or messages you would like to share with your friends –  this is outlined in my previous blog post – ‘How To Create Inspirational Quote Images’.


Post publication of this blog post, I found another website for creating Facebook/Twitter etc headers and much much more – Canva is an amazing design website suitable for every type and size of business – check out my blog post on Canva here,

Canva – a fabulous design tool.



Safe Travels,


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Since becoming a Travel Photographer I have pretty much been sailing a solo boat in regards to the day to day runnings of my business. I outsource work that I do not have the skills to do such as Web Developing, Fine Art Printing, Professional Framing etc however this is the first time I have outsourced something I can do myself.

This was a big step for me but one I am so glad I took, outsourcing has been beneficial in a number of ways,

1. It has freed up my time to be more creative and focus on learning more and building my business

2. It has taught me a lot about online outsourcing which is a whole new world and a highly efficient one

3. It has brought creativity from very skilled and creative freelancers to my business


Jim Rohn

Many thanks to Natalie Sisson and her fabulous book, ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’ for introducing me to the wonderful world of online outsourcing.

There are many websites offering outsourcing and judging by the expertise available you can outsource just about anything – Administration, Graphic Design, SEO, Web Development, Blog Editing, Podcast Editing etc, the list goes on and on.


Teamwork 3

My website of choice for working with highly skilled freelancers is Upwork (formerly known as O-Desk). Upwork,  was recommended by Natalie, and is a super user friendly and highly efficient website. It has never been easier to hire and work with freelancers from all over the world and Upwork makes this process so quick and simple.

To use Upwork you will require the following

1. An Upwork account – takes 5 minutes to set up

2. An e-mail account – takes 5 minutes to set up on any of the free platforms – Gmail, Yahoo etc

3. A method of payment – O-Desk accepts Visa or Paypal (Paypal takes about 5 mins to set up)

4. A software tool for creating online documents (see SOP below) – I use Google Docs as it is a dream to use

5. An SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) outlining the tasks required. This needs to be a step by step detailed procedure that your freelancer can easily follow. The more detailed the SOP the more efficient the process will be.

6. A DropBox account for sharing your files/images/documents with your freelancer – takes 5 minutes to set up

All of the above are absolutely free and are sufficient to get you started on the road to hiring your first freelancer!!


Teamwork 1

When you have set up an account on Upwork the hiring process itself is really simple and goes something like this

1. Create a job

2. Post the job and request people to apply for it

3. Review applicants

4. Decide on a suitable applicant

5 Connect with/interview the applicant

6. Hire the applicant, share the SOP with goals and timelines of the job

7. Wait for the job to be completed, check it against the goals and thank your freelancer for a job well done

Upwork is highly efficient – within 10 minutes of setting up my account I posted my first job, had almost 20 job applicants within 3 hours and hired my first freelancer the same day.

As the freelancer I hired lives in a different time zone, a job that would have taken 10 hours of my time was completed overnight while I slept – this is efficiency at it’s best!!!!



Can online outsourcing help free up your precious time?

Can online outsourcing bring you and your business to a different level?

Safe Travels,

x x x

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As mentioned in my previous blog post – ‘How to create inspirational ‘quote images’ – creating ‘quote images’ and posting them to social media platforms can be very time consuming.  As a Lean practitioner, it is my job (and my passion) to find more efficient, effective and simpler ways of working and so I have streamlined how I post these ‘image quotes’ to social media sites by using the excellent online tool Hootsuite.


Steve Jobs 2

When I first started ‘quote images’, I did so manually which meant I was online every day creating the ‘quote images’ and scheduling them to various social media sites, a highly inefficient process!!

As with all inefficient processes it wasn’t long before I realised this was unsustainable and I needed a new way of working!

Let me introduce you to Natalie Sisson – if you know Natalie you will know she is an uber talented entrepreneur who shares a wealth of information on all things business and entrepreneurship on her blog ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’, through her podcasts and in the book she launched last year with the same title  ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’.  In Natalie’s book as well as a wealth of other hugely beneficial information, Natalie talks about Hootsuite, a social media management tool that can be used to schedule posts to social media making your online interactions way more efficient and effective.




Hootsuite, as taken from their website

‘lets you promote your brand, generate quality leads,
and increase traffic to your website — all in one place’  

I currently use a free Hootsuite account, however they offer a variety of paid accounts that I’m sure will streamline your social media management even further to do amazing things.

Using this free account Hootsuite I can schedule social media posts on up to 3 social media platforms. In the future I will look at adding more social media sites but this is plenty for me at the moment while I am still learning more about Hootsuite and social media in general.

Using Hootsuite has immensely speeded up the process of posting ‘quote images’ allowing me to use my time more effectively to ensure I can continue to deliver daily inspiration and at the same time free up my time to learn more about social media and find even more efficient ways of working.

Whatever you use social media for, I’m sure Hootsuite will be a very useful tool for you.



My next blog post will discuss how I make this process even more efficient by outsourcing and how I used social media tools to hire my very first freelancer.

How online outsourcing can help you build a global team

Safe Travels,


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 Following on from my blog post  ‘Are you getting your dose of daily inspiration?, here is information on how to create what I now refer to as inspirational ‘quote images’ that I post daily on social media.

To create ‘quote images’, you will need two things.

1. A source of quotes that resonate with you

2. An online tool/ website where you can turn these quotes into ‘quote images’


Firstly let’s talk about sources of quotes, there are almost as many websites for quotes as there are quotes themselves!!

Here are a few websites I like best for sourcing quotes,

I also like to take quotes from books I read by authors who inspire me, this however is a little more time consuming!

When you have decided what quotes you would like to use you can choose from many, many websites to create ‘quote images’.

Creativity 3

When I first started to post quotes I used

This site allows you to posts words on images which at the time I thought was a great idea as it allowed me to promote my Travel Photography images as well as post inspirational quotes.

This worked for a while until I realised I would either have to give up my day job in order to dedicate myself to this full time or hire a PA due to the tedious, time consuming nature of creating these ‘quote images’ using my own images.

WD 57

Next I tried, this is a website designed to create pins for Pinterest.

This site allows you to create quotes with different styles and post them to Pinterest; however it also allows you to save them to your desktop enabling you to share them on other social media platforms.

Pinstamatic has since been replaced by Vizzbuzz  – I haven’t created ‘quote images’ using this new site but first glances suggest it does as good a job as Pinstamatic did.


As a Travel Photographer and Lean practitioner I am highly visual. Colour and imagery play a huge part in my life and so it wasn’t long before I realised the ‘quote images’ like the one above needed a splash of colour.

That is when I found which is the site I currently use. is a fabulous website that I absolutely love using. It is really user friendly and allows you to create ‘quote images’ using many different colours with many different types of fonts, like the quote image below. You can use your own quotes or use quotes from the library of quotes that has.

Creativity allows you can create many types of images including personalised Facebook headers suitable for your personal or professional Facebook pages like the one below.

Facebook1 also allows you to create Twitter headers for your Twitter account as shown below among many many other ‘quote image’ types.

These make great marketing tools and can be updated in about 5 minutes!!!

Twitter 2 can also do so much more than the above, I hope you find something suitable when you visit the site.

Since this blog post was first published, I have found another excellent site that allows you to create quote images with a library of background images. Canva is much more than that also – it is a wonderful online design tool. I liked this website so much that I published a blog post on it – Canva – a fabulous design tool 



Here’s hoping this post has been useful to you.

If you already post ‘quote images’ I’d love to hear what sites you use,

Safe Travels,


x x x

Next Blog post…..How to schedule posts to your social media platforms


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Many people have contacted me and asked how I create the daily inspirational quotes I post on social media.

As I started to reply to everyone through the various channels that they contacted me through, I realised it may be easier to write a blog post, however as I started to create a blog post I decided it would be easier to create a blog series as there is so much information I would like to share with my readers. And so here it is, the first of 4 blog posts on posting daily inspirational quotes.

Image 1

Before I tell you how I create, schedule and outsource these quotes, let me tell you ‘WHY’ I post daily inspirational quotes.

Basically it is no more complicated than the fact that I love positive and inspirational quotes.

I draw huge motivation and inspiration from the wise words of great people who have made immense contributions to our world. These wise and uplifting words fill me with positivity and gratitude and it is my wish that those who read the quotes are filled with the same positivity and gratitude.

Positive words, language and affirmations cannot change our circumstances but they can lift us up, motivate and inspire us as we all navigate through the journey of life.

Wayne 84

I also love social media and the world it opens up to us and in posting these quotes I have gained immense learning (mostly through trial and error) of social media and the huge part it plays in business in today’s global marketplace.

Safe Travels,


x x x

See the next blog post in the series here…..How to create inspirational quote images

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