The Art Of Positive Change

March 31, 2017 — Leave a comment

My brand new website is live – The Art Of Positive Change.

Positive Change can mean something different for everyone, however no matter what your version of Positive Change is, one thing is for sure and certain is it should make you feel happy!

And that is what I hope you feel when you visit my new website.

I’m a Lean Practitioner and am very fortunate to work at implementing ‘Positive Change’ as my day job. 

Lean in Business and Simplicity in Life is my philosophy.

This philosophy stems from a deep passion for Lean principles. This philosophy has diffused into my personal life where I use Lean principles to utilise my time and energy to solely focus on what brings joy and happiness to my life. My passion for and belief in Lean principles is why I created this website ‘The Art of Positive Change’

My vision for this new website is to share information and stories from the world of Lean in Business and Simplicity in Life with you all.

 Click on the image below to bring you to the website, I hope you like it 🙂





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