4 Reasons To Back Up Your Photos and Videos

October 21, 2016 — 2 Comments



In this digital world most people own some sort of a camera whether it’s an SLR, digicam or smartphone camera. No matter what you use to shoot images or videos it’s a must to regularly back up your images.

Here are 4 reasons why


If your phone/camera/memory card gets stolen and your images are not backed up they are gone forever, there is no way of getting them back unless of course you catch the robber, they haven’t damaged your images and are happy to hand your device back!


If your phone/camera/memory card gets damaged in any way chances are so will your photos and videos –  worst case scenario they will be damaged beyond repair!

Same goes for losing your device, of course all will be well if you find it again but wouldn’t you like to have piece of mind that you have backed up your treasured memories just in case it doesn’t turn up!


Your phone memory and memory card is of a finite size. Once you reach available memory space you will need to delete, move or back up images and videos to create space for new ones. Phones have a lot of space and the size of image files are quiet small, however if you use an SLR and shoot images in RAW (which is highly recommended) then your memory cards will fill up pretty fast.


If you download your images/videos to your laptop/computer, this will also have a finite size and will fill up pretty quick depending on the number of images you shoot, the number you edit etc. My Mac Book Pro has a memory for 250GB which you would think is large enough but with the amount of images I shoot in RAW this memory is filled faster than you would think.


Whether your images and videos are personal or professional they are precious and the moments captured are once off that can never be uniquely captured again.


If you don’t already do so I hope you will consider backing up your images regularly,


In my next post I’ll go through the process I use to back up my images whether shot with my smartphone, digicam or professional SLR.

Safe Travels


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