8 Steps To Creating Your Blurb Book

September 30, 2016 — 3 Comments


There are many online websites where you can create photo books. My favourite and the one I have been using for many years is Blurb.

Blurb books are easy to create, easy to order, are very reasonably priced. I am a big fan of Blurb books and have used them to create 9 Travel Photography Books (6 pictured below) and 4 Wedding Books – see the link to my portfolio here.


My Travel Photography Books created by Blurb

Here are 10 steps to creating your very own Blurb book,


Download the Blurb BookSmart software from http://www.blurb.com – here is the link to do so – Download BookSmart


Open the BookSmart software and choose a name for your book and the template you want to use, there are many templates to choose from depending on what style of book you are looking for. You can even make a FaceBook Blurb Book and an Instagram Blurb Book using your images from these social media platforms. As all of my books are photography books, I use the Travel Photo Book template. There are also a range of sizes to choose from, I have created books using a variety of sizes and have been immensely happy with all of them.


Upload your images to the book template you have created.

Images need to be at a high enough resolution allowing an image to fill a page if required.  If the resolution of the images are too low the software will readjust them to the optimum size on the page.


Starting from the start, create your cover page – there are many templates for cover pages that can be semi edited.  Most formats include a title for the front page and an optional title for the spine of the book, I usually use both.

When you have created your cover page,  fill in your index page which is optional. I usually use this index page as an introduction to my books. For my Travel Photography Books, I use it to introduce myself and the content of the book. For Wedding Books, I use it as an introduction to the happy couple accompanied by one of their favourite images.


Now comes the fun part, creating the body of the book. There are a variety of layout templates to choose from for each page or you can create your own custom made layout templates. There is no end to the creativity that can be unleashed here. Pages can be added easily and it Is here that you determine how many pages your book will contain. The price of your book is dependent on the number of pages you have in your book.

Click here for Blurb book pricing and a handy pricing calculator. 

There are also a variety of background colours to choose from. I tend to use either black or white backgrounds depending on the type of book and the type of images. See different colour backgrounds below, the black background suits my Cuban images while the white background is more suited to my images from india.


The Photographer’s Guide To Cuba (using a black background)


The Photographer’s Guide To India (using a white background)


When you have created your book I recommend that you check it once, twice and three times – if you have time check it once more just to be sure! When your book is ordered you can no longer edit it and so it is well worth your time to check your book a number of times ensuring

  • You have included all required images

  • All images are within the page borders highlighted

  • There are no blank pages

  • All text is in the correct place

  • All text has the correct spelling

  • You are happy with the cost of your book – see pricing list in step 5 above

When you are completely happy with your book then you can upload your book to Blurb.com. The time this takes will depend on the size of your book and the speed of your internet connection.


Once uploaded, it is time to choose the type of paper you would like your book to be printed on. You can choose from many different types depending on the look you are going for. The cover type of your book is also chosen at this stage. You can choose from any of these fabulous cover types – Softcover, Hardcover ImageWrap and Hardcover Dust Jacket.  My favourite cover type is Hardcover ImageWrap. This is a highly professional finish that looks and feels amazing.


That’s it, your work on your book is compete, time to hand it over to Blurb to work their magic. Order your book and share with friends and family on your favourite social media networks by making your book public in Blurb’s bookstore or keep it private and send a link to the lucky few!

Sit back, relax and wait for your custom made book to be delivered by Blurb,

If you want to sell your book through the Blurb website you can register it for sale here Blurb.com and decide what profit you will earn after costs to create the book are deducted by Blurb. You can also register your book for sale on Amazon. Click on the Amazon logo below to view my author page and my books available through Amazon.




Click on the images below to view my Travel Photography books created through Blurb

bhutan cuba

india     vietnam 

  new-york     venice



I highly recommend Blurb as a book making website

Safe Travels,


x x x

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    I never heard of Blurb and it sounds awesome! Thanks for letting us in on it!

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