How to create inspirational ‘quote images’

February 20, 2015 — 7 Comments


 Following on from my blog post  ‘Are you getting your dose of daily inspiration?, here is information on how to create what I now refer to as inspirational ‘quote images’ that I post daily on social media.

To create ‘quote images’, you will need two things.

1. A source of quotes that resonate with you

2. An online tool/ website where you can turn these quotes into ‘quote images’


Firstly let’s talk about sources of quotes, there are almost as many websites for quotes as there are quotes themselves!!

Here are a few websites I like best for sourcing quotes,

I also like to take quotes from books I read by authors who inspire me, this however is a little more time consuming!

When you have decided what quotes you would like to use you can choose from many, many websites to create ‘quote images’.

Creativity 3

When I first started to post quotes I used

This site allows you to posts words on images which at the time I thought was a great idea as it allowed me to promote my Travel Photography images as well as post inspirational quotes.

This worked for a while until I realised I would either have to give up my day job in order to dedicate myself to this full time or hire a PA due to the tedious, time consuming nature of creating these ‘quote images’ using my own images.

WD 57

Next I tried, this is a website designed to create pins for Pinterest.

This site allows you to create quotes with different styles and post them to Pinterest; however it also allows you to save them to your desktop enabling you to share them on other social media platforms.

Pinstamatic has since been replaced by Vizzbuzz  – I haven’t created ‘quote images’ using this new site but first glances suggest it does as good a job as Pinstamatic did.


As a Travel Photographer and Lean practitioner I am highly visual. Colour and imagery play a huge part in my life and so it wasn’t long before I realised the ‘quote images’ like the one above needed a splash of colour.

That is when I found which is the site I currently use. is a fabulous website that I absolutely love using. It is really user friendly and allows you to create ‘quote images’ using many different colours with many different types of fonts, like the quote image below. You can use your own quotes or use quotes from the library of quotes that has.

Creativity allows you can create many types of images including personalised Facebook headers suitable for your personal or professional Facebook pages like the one below.

Facebook1 also allows you to create Twitter headers for your Twitter account as shown below among many many other ‘quote image’ types.

These make great marketing tools and can be updated in about 5 minutes!!!

Twitter 2 can also do so much more than the above, I hope you find something suitable when you visit the site.

Since this blog post was first published, I have found another excellent site that allows you to create quote images with a library of background images. Canva is much more than that also – it is a wonderful online design tool. I liked this website so much that I published a blog post on it – Canva – a fabulous design tool 



Here’s hoping this post has been useful to you.

If you already post ‘quote images’ I’d love to hear what sites you use,

Safe Travels,


x x x

Next Blog post…..How to schedule posts to your social media platforms


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