The book I wish I had read 3 years ago…..

May 9, 2014 — Leave a comment



When my journey as a Travel Photographer started, I had ideas and dreams of becoming a Travel Photographer and of sharing my work with the world, however learning about business and marketing were nowhere to be seen on my agenda of things to do.

3 years and 3 Airport Exhibitions later and now learning about business and marketing are at the top of my agenda.

Turning a passion into a business takes more than hard work and perseverance, it takes knowledge about business and more importantly knowledge of your business and the type of business you are creating and building.


And so this brings me to the book I wish I had read 3 years ago…….

‘The $100 Start Up’  by Chris Guillebeau


This book is a must for anyone thinking of going into business, starting a business or currently running a business (successful or otherwise). It has something for everyone no matter what stage you are at with your busniess.

Using many case studies Chris shows the difference between success and failure and has a huge resource of tips and advice as to how to stay on the success side of the fence in the current digital age.

‘Commerce has been around forever but scale, reach and connection have changed dramatically’ …..The $100 Start Up

Chris’s book goes through the stages of what your customers want, if you have the skills to provide this, how you do this, the role global networking plays in your business, launching and promoting products and growth and expansion of your business, all this in an easy to read and easy to implement fashion.

For those who don’t know Chris Guillebeau, Chris is an entrepreneur, writer, author, traveller, blogger, business man, philanthropist and really cool person.

I have been following Chris’s work closely for the past few years and have learned an immense amount from him. Chris inspires and guides people to follow their dreams and live the life that strolls hand in hand with those dreams.

I was lucky enough to meet Chris last year as he celebrated his ‘End Of World’ party where he celebrated visiting every country in the world in the last country on his list, Norway.


An amazing achievement was combined with an amazing weekend meeting and mingling with fellow travelers, writers, bloggers and authors from all over the globe.

Chris is a quiet unassuming person with a most charismatic presence. He was an incredible host that weekend and welcomed complete strangers as warmly as he welcomed friends and family.


Me, Chris and Angela Petersen

This book is a breath of fresh air for creative types like me as it shows you how to balance creativity with running a successful business. It primarily focuses on building a business around doing what you love as having passion for your job and your business means it becomes less like work (even though it is a lot of very hard work!!! ).

I cannot recommend this book highly enough and I sincerely hope you enjoy it and learn from it as much as I did.



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